Solution Examples

Today's Challenge

Have you ever wanted a clearer view into the inner working of your enterprise only to find that the information you want isn't readily available? If any information is available it is often redundantly and inconsistently maintained in separate systems controlled by different organizations

The need for better enterprise transparency has never been more important.


Envision a New Approach

Future Tech Systems' Envision® VIP (Visual Information Portal) empowers you to chart this course. It provides unique insight into your business and the ability to "steer the ship" through the rough waters ahead.

Discover, analyze, and optimize the core building blocks (DNA) of your enterprise to create a more agile organization. Link Strategic Plans with Key Business Capabilities, Services, Processes, Procedures, Risks, Products, IT Resources and any other business asset.

The Envision® VIP system provides the visual insight, analysis and means for assembling and maintaining "Fully Transparent Viewports" into any desired aspect of your organization. Easy to use, customizable meta-models and graphic capabilities create an environment supporting an unlimited number of stakeholder views and perspectives. All views are linked to a common consistent underlying enterprise repository. This allows concurrent teams representing various stakeholder interests to create secure visualizations and models for any type of analysis.

Empower all stakeholders with enterprise information at their finger tips

Modeling Flexibility

Envision® VIP supports any modeling notation and users can customize or build their own solution using any notation they desire.