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How can Envision® VIP assist Asset Management?

Asset visibility by location, facility, organization, project, and task provides vital data for maximizing the performance of today's agile business.

Envision allows custom access to all types of business assets. Custom views can be geographic [e.g. map oriented, or logical by any other intuitive custom organizational technique].

Envision's unique "Subview Attributes" allow organizational information to be accessed via multiple "Subviews". These might include by location, by asset type, by organization, or by any other criteria of interest to any stakeholder class.

Envision® VIP Results

Envision projects have helped the US Navy visually identify where its IT resources were scattered around the world and provide point and click access to this information for future planning.

The international BPM Consortium presented their coveted award for the "Best Enterprise-Wide BPM Effort" to our customer UCSD for their efforts to improve their asset management capabilities.

Future Tech Systems team members worked with outside consultants to assist the University of California at San Diego and their Auxiliary & Plant Services (A&PS) group. The Auxiliary & Plant Services (A&PS) group at UCSD encompasses a wide-range of business activities.

The team initially developed a process architecture of Facilities Management and then proceeded to identify process problems and to develop a roadmap for the elimination of defects. During the course of this work the modeling tool, Envision®, from Future Tech Systems, was and continues to be used to develop an enterprise process architecture model used for overseeing these activities.