How can Envision® VIP help your EA Activities

  • Supports unlimited views and stakeholder perspectives
  • Identifies, categorizes, manages, and tracks any desired aspect of your business
  • Supports unlimited layers to expose and/or hide different levels of detail
  • Supports unlimited models, classes, objects, attributes
  • Normalizes, standardizes, and fully leverages definitions for all business processes, procedures, and data.
  • Supports secure access to all views, layers, objects, and attributes – User/group Read/Write/Hide options are available as desired.
  • Supports all EA Frameworks and the creation of your own customized variations
  • Intuitively links the ‘Big Picture’ to any and all desired details
  • Extensive analysis, web publishing, documentation, and reporting capabilities are available

Envision® VIP Results

Strategic plans and business goals can be dynamically linked to all affected organizations, standards, processes, and procedures. Metrics and reports can be defined for various stakeholder interests.

Envision® VIP supports all major EA Frameworks and can easily adaptable to new, combined, or "branded" variations of existing frameworks.

We continue to actively work with John Zachman, various governmental bodies including DOD, and various other organizations like The Open Group in support of their respective frameworks. We have built numerous ‘customized’ and ‘branded’ variations of these frameworks for use by large organizations throughout North American and Western Europe.

Our agile visual modeling tools, analytical tools, documentation tools, and web publishing capabilities easily adapt to customer and stakeholder preferences.

Envision® VIP also includes a highly sophisticated level of security in its powerful SQL Server based repository. Thus, personal and sensitive information can be easily maintained by the system and presented only to those authorized to see it.

Configuration management and change control features are particularly useful for auditing and governance activities.