Training for New and Current Envision® Users

Our training department will train your staff on-site. We offer the following courses for Envision training.

  • Envision Basic User Training
    This course is designed for the business analyst, designer, or anyone who will be responsible for modeling, managing, using project data. This course is also for project managers or upper management that only requires the most basic usage.
    Topics covered include: general project navigation, viewing, editing, and creating project diagrams, data, and matrices. Using the data browser to modify, create, and delete data. Printing and creating reports and charts. Most users will require at least this level of training.
  • Advanced Administrator Training
    This course covers all topics in Envision Basics plus advanced Administrator functions.
    Advanced Administrator functions include: model management and development, class and attribute development and customization, methodology rules, and general project management.

For more information on Envision training, contact the sales representative in your area or email us at

Consulting Services for Envision and Custom Model Development

Custom consulting services are available to augment our training services. We offer:

  • On-site Administration Coaching
    Recommended for those who have just completed System Admin training. Our consultants will help you get started on the right path and make sure you are heading in the right direction.
  • On-site Methodology Development and Enhancement
    Recommended for those companies using their own custom methodology. We'll show you how to best implement your modeling techniques in Envision.
  • Custom Programming Services [E. g. Custom import/export filters, new features]
    Although users can customize Envision to fit their needs, we are always happy to do the customization work for you.

These services are designed to help newly trained, intermediate, and even advanced users implement solutions into Envision. Continuing education and advanced training is also provided for the Envision VIP toolkit. All of these services focus on teaching users how to best use the Envision application to meet their modeling needs. Our consulting services do not teach new modeling techniques, rather, we show you how to best implement your modeling techniques and methodologies into Envision.