How can Envision® VIP assist Systems Engineering?

  • Rationalize and normalize your enterprise systems
  • In addition to system and data modeling support activities, graphical, tabular, and custom reports offer insight into any desired system information.
  • Create customized views reflecting the interests of various stakeholder groups and provide ready access to key information.
  • Visualize your business and systems interactions both current and future before implementing changes.
  • Link your systems to appropriate business goals, business processes, performance metrics, and risk factors.
  • Identify redundancies and opportunities for consolidation or retirement of older systems.
  • See the big picture of your organization - "See the Forest for the Trees!"

Envision® VIP Results

Envision® VIP was initially designed to provide a highly agile and easily customizable meta-modeling environment capable of supporting the numerous process, requirements, data modeling, and testing methodologies associated with Software Engineering.

The Envision repository was particularly designed to support all types of ‘Business Objects’ conceivable both current and future. The adaptability, collaboration, security, and performance of the repository has evolved extensively over many years.

It has been employed on numerous systems engineering, process modeling, and enterprise architecture projects in North America and Europe with many large organizations both private and governmental.

It has successfully bridged the gap between many technical and business organizations and offers up vastly improved visibility into the how various systems interact with one another and can more synergistically serve the greater purposes of the full enterprise.

System Engineering Diagrams