Future Tech Systems, Inc

Visualize Your Enterprise as never before!

Our Mission

To empower today's decision-makers, business, & technical workers with the most intuitive and intelligent tools for visualizing, analyzing, and managing today’s highly agile businesses.

CEO Message

We strive to provide YOU - today's agile stakeholders [whether business or technically oriented], with a new Visual Information Portal [VIP] into your business. We strive to empower and leverage "Your Information YOUR Way!" Our highly evolved Envision® VIP software reveals revolutionary new insights into any organization.

Company Profile

"Envision Your Enterprise Your Way!", has been the guiding principle at Future Tech since its founding by Dr. Leon G. Stucki.

As one of the original pioneers in the field of software engineering, he spent twenty years developing innovative tools to improve productivity and quality inside several large organizations. This experience gave Dr. Stucki a clear vision of the types of tools needed by today's and tomorrow's information-oriented enterprises. Over the years we have built and continue to evolve a set of powerful and truly unique software tools for facilitating information visualization and analysis. The subsequent years have been devoted to continuously expanding the state of the art Envision® VIP environment. Envision® has evolved into a highly agile tool for today's highly agile environment.

Envision® VIP allows you to easily visualize and leverage all types of "Business Objects" or assets/data. You can define any number of "user views" containing any number of "user objects" and capture any type of data ("attributes") for the business objects important to your organization. Envision® facilitates Strategic Planning and an unlimited number of agile business & technical models. Business capabilities, services, business processes, procedures, risks, requirements, tests, business & software systems, and special purpose information management systems can all be easily supported. They are synergistically linked in a highly agile and secure, high performance, collaborative fully leveraged repository. You can easily model YOUR enterprise architecture, organizations, projects, processes, tasks or any other business asset/data needed to support your ongoing management and/or renewal activities. Analysts can design better systems and software - at a lower cost throughout the application's life cycle. Information can be captured at the earliest useful point, referential integrity is easily maintained, and the leveraged use of this information is available throughout the system life cycle. Legacy systems can be documented and renewed. Interconnectivity can be easily analyzed to aid in the process of improving, adding, and/or retiring older redundant systems.

Sales or Customer Service

Future Tech Systems, Inc. offers direct sales of Envision® VIP in North America. We target Major Account, General Account, OEM, Value Added Reseller (VAR), and Strategic Partner sales. We have installed Envision VIP in numerous Fortune 100 and other Major Account organizations. A number of management consulting organizations, including several large consulting and accounting firms, use Envision for advanced enterprise modeling.