How can Envision® VIP assist Knowledge Management?

Envision® VIP can be used to create an intuitive model of your business and easily identify all stakeholders and their vital information, best practices. Lessons learned, historical records of previous practices can be used to help improve future efforts.

Knowledge Management facilitates improved efficiency, higher productivity, and increased revenue for your business.

This is an important component of clarifying "The Big Picture for the Trees" within your organization.

Envision® VIP Results

Working with various organizations, we have built Envision Knowledge DB's which have captured the expertise of large insurance company call center support organizations, asset & services management operations, and even best procurement practices for a major candy maker. Envision allows us to organize, standardize, and empower future workers with the best practices and knowledge acquired over many years by the leading support personnel in a company.

One of our customers, referenced above, has been able to standardize customer support procedures for their call center, analyze their business process risks, and produce various auditing & governmental compliance reports directly from the Envision system.

Another customer, UCSD, was recently recognized by the international BPM Consortium with their "Best Enterprise-Wide BPM Effort Award" for our efforts to capture, document, and improve their plant and facilities management services organization within the university. The assets and knowledge dealt with on this project involved a highly diverse business knowledge base.

Envision® VIP has been used extensively for tracking the requirements for multiple complex systems in various federal agencies and DOD projects. It is being used by one of the largest Train companies in the world for managing a number of large train projects with a myriad of vendors and subsystems from contractors around the world.