How can Envision® VIP assist Risk Management?

Stakeholders most concerned about risks are frequently not the immediate developers and operators of the processes and procedures causing the greatest risks. Intuitive visualization allowing ‘authorized’ stakeholders access to metrics and controls designed to assess and monitor risks is highly desirable in today’s agile environment. Envision® VIP supports the inclusion of controls into any modeling activities we employ. Custom reports can be defined and automatic notifications transmitted to appropriate stakeholders whenever changes to the processes or controls take place.

Envision® VIP Results

Stakeholders can visually see risk factors associated with their processes. E.g. graphic and/or color indicators can point out the level of risk in a very natural intuitive manner.

Identifying the points of risk and establishing appropriate controls/reporting mechanisms provides real-time feedback to maintain healthy operational environments.

Auditing and various other governance reporting activities have been significantly streamlined. In one case, a major health organization was able to improve their quarterly compliance reporting process by a factor of more than 400%.

Risk Management diagram