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"Best Enterprise-Wide BPM Effort Award"

How can Envision® VIP help your BPM Activities?

Identifying current sources of information and entering them into a repository capable of visually representing all relevant relationships is the first step in assembling an accurate "Big Picture" of the business. Rather than simply gathering disconnected pictures & files of data into a common shared environment, Envision actually enters and stores the data at a "Business Object" level. This allows each business process and activity to be standardized, normalized and shared throughout the organization. Cross organizational relationships can be easily identified and tracked. Ownership of core business processes can be established and tracked. Security controls and historical records can be added to manage risk, track changes and enhance transparency of the business.

Envision® VIP Results

Working with various consultants and numerous organizations, we have built numerous models that are used on an enterprise wide level. One of our customers, a large insurance company, has been able to standardize customer support procedures for their call center, analyze their business process risks, and produce various auditing & governmental compliance reports directly from the Envision system.

Another customer, UCSD, was recently recognized by the international BPM Consortium with their "Best Enterprise-Wide BPM Effort Award".