How can Envision® VIP help your Governance & Compliance Needs?

Envision® VIP provides a repository capable of capturing and managing all of your tangible and intangible assets. Instead of holding data in many different systems, Envision helps executives to see the 'whole picture' - providing a 'Command Turret' for the enterprise. Its highly adaptable repository allows for the tracking of literally any desired assets, managers can create accurate reports and know that they are complete - a vital step in regulatory reporting.

Envision® VIP provides a secure multi-user repository that enables managers to base future risk assessments on current data from a wide spectrum of business disciplines. Historical changes can be tracked and reported on as required.

Envision® VIP offers intuitive visualizations into your business assets providing transparency to all stakeholders on a "need to know" and secure "authorized to access" basis.

Envision® VIP provides an ideal platform for statutory and regulatory reporting.

Envision® VIP Results

We have worked with governmental agencies both federal and state to track and manage their own vital processes, procedures, systems, and other important assets. [Note: We helped the University of California at San Diego achieve the international award for "Best Enterprise-Wide BPM Effort" granted by the BPM Consortium in 2009]

We have worked with various other businesses in the insurance, banking, retailing, transportation, medical, and engineering worlds to similarly create Computer Aided Visualization Environments for managing their respective strategic plans, processes, procedures, and other important key assets.

Envision® VIP allows each respective client organization to create a highly customized concise and easily understood view appropriate to their business. Its user-friendliness allows all levels of users to intuitively interact with its repository [as authorized] and fully leverage all knowledge/assets throughout the business.