How can Envision® VIP assist Requirements Management?

Envision® VIP treats Requirements as “Business Objects” with their own attributes [properties] that are concisely and consistently documented. An authorized System Administrator can add new attributes and/or metrics and access privileges at any time to the project. Object and attribute level security is available to protect sensitive information and to control which users are allowed to see which items and attributes.

Envision® VIP supports graphical visualization, tabular access, and multiple analytical tools for studying your requirements. It supports the tracking of requirements between various business units, organizations, projects, systems, processes, and procedures. It supports ownership & historical tracking of changes to requirements and their relationships within the organization. It supports various queries, documents and reports. Change tracking can be set up to automatically notify requirement owners of any changes made to their requirements together with why, when, and who actually made the changes.

Envision® VIP Results

Envision® VIP has been used extensively for tracking the requirements for multiple complex systems in various federal agencies and DOD projects. It is being used by one of the largest Train companies in the world for managing a number of large train projects with a myriad of vendors and subsystems from contractors around the world.