Organizations requiring a fully-configurable repository as a priority with strong collaboration requirements should consider Envision ®.

Gartner Assessment of Enterprise Architecture Tool Capabilities, Gartner Research paper ID No.: G0021129

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Many apps in the one box

Envision offers fully customizable meta-models built on an object-oriented repository. In the one repository, our clients can oversee all these business activities:

Manage Culture Change

Helping organisations to comply with various regulations and standards such as:

Incident response, forensic services and fraud detection

Provide goal-oriented business process optimization

Manage IT asset management and IT Security Rules

Improve operational governance

Administer Compliance Management

Examples: PCI DSS, HIPPA, DPA, ISO 27001, PAS 555, COBIT, ISO22301, SOX

Visualize IT operational risk management

Optimize management reporting

All in one box

Your Executive Implements

Business Capability Management

Envision enables executives to identify and visualize ‘Know-How’ within the organization. They can then measure core and distinctive capabilities as part of TOGAF v9 or using in-house methods.

Resource Management

Managers use Envision because there are no practical restrictions on how various resources are measured and deployed. Envision manages complexity and gives accessible views to many user types.

Strategic Planning & Metrics

Managers have found that using Envision to deliver information about strategic plans is quick, easy, and accurate. Plans, including six sigma, can be hosted in Envision and used to measure progress of that plan against agreed targets

Governance & Compliance

Envision provides an effective framework to store, update, and disseminate the framework of rules and practice established by executives to ensure accountability and transparency in all the organization’s activities.

Business Process Optimization

Envision provides a holistic platform to help managers optimize business processes safely, as part of a continual improvement program.

Enterprise Architecture

Managers use Envision to create comprehensive Enterprise Architecture maps of resources, processes, and governance principles. Envision supports TOGAF9.0, DoDaf2.0, Zachman Framework and many proprietary and open-source architecture frameworks.

Risk Management

Managers use Envision to assist with the difficult task of linking operational risks to tasks and roles, and then quantifying them to help managers mitigate those risks.

IT Portfolio Management

Envision delivers wide-ranging insights of IT portfolios to support the systematic management of investment, change management and current activity of enterprise IT. Envision models deliver comprehensive views of uses, costs and risks of change.

Unified Modelling Language

UML is probably the de facto standard for software design. It is very easy to create all types of UML diagrams in Envision


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