Envision: A portfolio of Business Transformation Solutions

ENVISION delivers:

Better decisions from you and your team substantiated through the comprehensive insight of your current business dynamics

The Future Tech Team delivers:

Products and services to help you to manage enterprise complexity and to be forward-looking so you can continually improve your organization.

Business Process Optimization

The Envision Business Process Optimization suite delivers a systematic approach to making your organization more agile. Envision supports industry-standard methods and links with other information assets in the repository to produce profound perspectives – delivering a wide understanding how your organization is now, and what it could be.

 Resource Management

The Envision Resource Management suite enables you to plan the efficient and effective deployment of your organization’s resources when and where they are needed. These resources include financial assets, inventory, human skills, production facilities, and IT

Governance & Compliance

Envision delivers information on demand to staff to support compliance with laws, regulation and rules of conduct.  Envision visualizations deliver a domain that facilitates the supervision of all business entities, processes and resources – essential for the high levels of governance and risk management required today.

Enterprise Architecture

Envision visualization helps enterprise architects and business stakeholders get a digital representation of their organization.  Envision supports industry-standard models and enables you to view current capabilities and predict the outcomes of decisions.

Resource Management, Business Process Optimization, Enterprise Architecture, Risk Management – All in one box