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Visualize Your Enterprise as never before!

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View your data

Envision offers unlimited new views and optimization possibilities

Information Explosion

Today's Information Explosion

'Information at our Fingertips' Yes - But its scattered in lots of files in lots of places. Duplication? Currency? Consistency? Security? Are serious challenges!

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Envision VIP

Envision®  VIP

Are your Goals, Strategies, Capabilities,  Services,  Processes, Procedures,  Risks, and other  vital assets fully synchronized?  Are they securely managed?

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Envision® VIP supports all major existing and future Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and Business Modeling needs. You can easily add new modeling techniques supporting any new stakeholders interests. All perspectives and information is fully leveraged to all stakeholders via our highly secure & adaptable SQL Server based repository. Unlimited business & technical solutions are synergistically supported.

Envision® VIP can truly help you Visualize Your Enterprise as never before !

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What people are saying

"Organizations requiring a fully-configurable repository as a priority with strong collaboration requirements should consider Envision."

Gartner Assessment of Enterprise Architecture Tool Capabilities, Gartner Research paper ID No.: G00211294

"I am very pleased to offer my full endorsement of Future Tech’s Envision software as the tool of choice in documenting our business processes, our procedures, our internal controls and our risks"

VP Audit & Chief Risk Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield


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