• Enhance Your Vision

    Create your own Enterprise Architecture...

        Synergistic collaborative repository
              Intuitive stakeholder views
                      Unlimited Frameworks
                               Unlimited Models

  • Accelerate Your Agility

    Normalize business and technical information

        Align organizational strategies
              Facilitate agile improvements
                     Leverage a common repository
                             Analyze & report as desired

  • Envision Your Business

    See new real-time views & insights VCR2s


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Are your Goals, Strategies, Capabilities, Services, Processes, Procedures, Risks, and other vital assets fully synchronized? Do you have a dynamic ‘Enterprise Architecture’ with active Plans & Models? Is your ‘Enterprise Architecture’ in active use by all Business & Technical Stakeholders?
If not - Why not?
                            We can help...

Visualize Your Enterprise as never before!

Our innovative Envision® VIP ‘Visual Information Portal’ software empowers all stakeholders to intuitively view, analyze, and optimize all vital information & assets. Future activities can further control & maximize the effective use of this fully leveraged information. We can open new views and empower you to... 'Envision Your Enterprise' like never before!
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Envision solutions


All enterprises are unique. Enterprise Architecture must capture and leverage this uniqueness.

Synergistically sharing and fully leveraging this distinctive information is the key to future success.

Envision® VIP solutions offer new insights into Strategic Planning, Requirements Management, Auditing/Governance, Process Modeling, Risk Management, Systems Engineering, and much more. Customer-based Healthcare, Public Administration, Manufacturing, Retail, & Financial solutions can jump-start your own enterprise efforts.
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Our Mission

Better Visualize Your World

Our mission is to help you... Whether your challenges include Enterprise Architecture, Strategic Planning, Capabilities Modeling, Process Modeling, Risk Management, Requirements Management, Systems Engineering ... or particularly in putting the pieces together. We can help!
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We invite you to talk with our customers. See how they have achieved new levels of control over their vital business assets. We stand ready to help you on this exciting path to better ...

"Envision your world!"


What people are saying...

"Organizations requiring a fully-configurable repository as a priority with strong collaboration requirements should consider Envision."

Gartner Assessment of Enterprise Architecture Tool Capabilities, Gartner Research paper ID No.: G00211294

"I am very pleased to offer my full endorsement of Future Tech’s Envision software as the tool of choice in documenting our business processes, our procedures, our internal controls and our risks"

VP Audit & Chief Risk Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield