Resource Management

Envision has been used extensively for tracking the resource requirements for multiple complex systems in various USA federal agencies and by global companies.  Envision delivers accessible visibility of all resources to authorized users.   This enables teams to collaborate to cultivate creativity and productivity.

Envision supports the tracking of requirements between various business units, organizations, projects, systems, processes, and procedures. It supports ownership & historical tracking of changes to resources and their relationships within the organization. It supports queries, documents and reports. Change tracking can be set up to automatically notify stakeholders of any changes made to their assets together with why, when, and who actually made the changes.

Resource Management Functionality

  • ♥ Asset management
    • ♥ Capacity management
      • ♥ Data visualization
        • ♥ Demand forecasting
          • ♥ Employee scheduling
            • ♥ Resource allocation
              • ♥ Risk management
                • ♥ Skills tracking
                  • ♥ Utilization management