Governance & Compliance

Good corporate governance is essential for all organizations; and size and geographic spread increases the complexity of the task.  Good governance helps to prevent scandal, fraud and civil and criminal liabilities and generally enhances reputation. Good compliance procedures reduce the effort of managing an organization and help reduce the costs of external investigations by auditors and regulators. Governance & Compliance

Governance & Compliance


There is a close tie between internal information management and good compliance practice.  This means having easy access to accurate information about what has happened; and also delivering process rules on demand to staff as they perform their duties.   Envision provides an effective framework to store, update, and disseminate the framework of rules and practice established by executives to ensure accountability and transparency in all the organization’s activities.

We provide Envision and support services to improve:

  • ♥ Operational governance
    • ♥ Business process optimization
      • ♥ Business rules delivery
        • ♥ IT Portfolio and risk management
          • ♥ Resource Management including crisis planning
            • ♥ Management reporting

We also help our clients with

  • ♥ Culture change, Training and user awareness
    • ♥ Standards compliance such as
      1. ♠ BS 13050 Governance Code of Practice,
      2. ♠ COBIT 5 Framework,
      3. ♠ ISO9001 Quality Management system.
        • ♥ Incident Response, Forensic Services and Fraud               detection