BPM for Geniuses

Important as it is, Business Process Management (BPM) is not the sole source of success. BPM describes how work is done now and how it may be improved for efficiency and effectiveness.  There are many enterprise disciplines that have to be used in addition to BPM. For example Enterprise architecture How is work distributed across […]

Version 11.5 of ENVISION Released

We released ENVISION version 11.5 in July 2018. ENVISION® has been under constant development to help organisations gain greater business value from enterprise architecture initiatives whatever methodology is preferred. The powerful modelling tool is quickly configured for TOGAF, DODAF and others, and inter-operates with other applications in the ENVISION domain. It is easy for analysts […]

February Update – 2 new BPM Industry Studies

The report from Wise Guys Reports estimates the market for BPM software to be around  $1580 million in 2016 possibly growing to around $1760 million in 2021. BPM Industry Studies The market report from BPTrends has identified a 5 year business cycle that has periodic enthusiasms followed by a decrease in investment in business process management. […]

Shared business object repositories facilitate agility

There is general consensus that work is becoming more complex. Complexity is a factor that inhibits agility – that very popular goal. Rules, regulations, and culture contrasts across countries constrain change. Nevertheless, there is constant demands on firms to grow the top line through increased revenue and to increase margin through efficiency; and pressure on […]