Envision Tutor

Envision is a business object repository with functionality that has been under development since the 1980’s. We are creating a library of online videos to help users make full use of the software. Each video will show how to do just one thing in Envision so they will be short and plentiful. If you need help on a function that has not got a video yet, just ask! Send a mail to info@future-tech.com

Video List

52 Changes to behaviour of Envision objects Describes how to change the appearance of an Envision object and associated labels. It also explains how to manage the behaviors of an object.
13Check-in and check-outDescribes how to check out Envision Diagrams and objects so that they can be edited, and then checked in so that the changes are shared
50Conditional formatting of Envision objectsDescribes how to set up conditional formatting. This functionality adds another information dimension for the uses. It is an ideal method of displaying values that are in related models. For example, assigning an operational risk value to the business process
08Edit Spec sheetsDescribes how to edit Envision Spec sheets. Alternatively known as Object Property Pages
14Create new MatrixDescribes the process for creating a matrix by selecting fields that provide the data
01Envision BPMN 2.0.2Describes the latest version of the Business Process Management Notation, and then builds a BPMN model in Envision for a pizza delivery process
48Matrix formattingDescribes how to set up conditional formatting in a matrix
47New DiagramDescribes how to create a new Diagram in Envision and how to name it so that it is associated with the correct topics in the model
51PrintDescribes the Envision options for printing diagrams and shows how to export to large printing devices such as plotters
23Rename objectsDescribes how to rename an object in Envision and explains the rules for renaming an instance or multiple instances
21SwimlanesDescribes how to create and manage swimlanes and pools in a BPM diagram
55Window managementDescribes the menu options for managing Windows for multiple views of Envision models