Business Capability Management

Envision enables executives to identify and visualize ‘Know-How’ within the organization.  They can then measure core and distinctive capabilities as part of TOGAF v9 or using in-house methods. Business Capability Management

Business Capability Management

Business Capability is now seen as an essential component of an Enterprise Architecture Roadmap.  Capturing business capability in Envision enables executives to measure the ability of their organization to perform.  The outcomes visualize the ability of your organisation to deliver value.  For Business Capability studies to work, it is crucial to involve a wide array of disciplines within your organisation.  Managers choose Envision because it provides the necessary flexibility of storing widely varying data and because the Business Capability data naturally becomes part of the whole Enterprise Architecture map.

Capability management, the process of directing and controlling a business as a set of capabilities that can be identified, implemented, measured and improved, has become an intrinsic component of Enterprise Architecture.

Envision enables executives to model business capabilities easily and on multiple levels.

Executives use Envision to link capability models to other organizational models within the Envision domain to:

  • ♥ Map IT Applications to business capabilities
    • ♥ Find synergies and duplications
      • ♥ Identify areas that warrant more investment or areas of                        weakness for disposal or retirement
        • ♥ Identify opportunities for cross-selling
          • ♥ Standardization