Business Process Management Notation

Creating BPMN 2.0.2 Diagrams

BPMN is the de facto standard for Business Process diagrams.  The notation is purposefully independent of any particular implementation environment. Version 2.0.2 of BPM has been published as an ISO standard (ISO 19510:2013).  BPMN was created long ago.   Newer standards in the business process area tend to link with BPMN. This is particularly true for the Decision Support and Case Management specifications.

The primary goal of BPMN is to provide a notation that is readily understandable by all business users, from the business analyst that created the initial draft of the process, to the technical developers responsible for implementing the technology that will perform those processes, and finally, to the business people who will manage and monitor those processes.  The specification accommodates the notation and semantics of collaboration diagrams, process diagrams and capability diagrams.  BPMN creates a standardized bridge between business process design and process implementation.

This video describes the notation and shows how Envision users can create simple and complex process structures and relate them to other assets in the organization.